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Phragmites Removal from our Boone-Phillips St. Property

Phrag1.jpgLCNK has received funding to remove Phragmites, an nuisance wetland species, from our Boone-Phillips St property. The project involves 3 cycles of a fall herbicide spraying and a spring cutting of the dead Phragmites.  Please drive by on Phillips Street to see our new sign and the results of our cutting. The work is being done by Keith Gaizelle, Aquatic Technician, and Al Gettman, RIDEM Mosquito Abatement Program, under a USDA Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program agreement with appropriate CRMC permits and the cooperation of abutting landowners.

The salt marsh restoration Phrag9.jpgefforts continue at our Phillips Street property. Some hands-on work was needed to cut the remaining Phragmites along the edges of the marsh and in the wetter spots that couldn’t be reached by the large mower


We also dug out creek channels to help the salt water get into the marsh and drain off. Please stop by and enjoy the returning salt marsh and the beautiful views of upper Wickford Cove!


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