Properties Owned by LCNK

Bush Hill*11/20112.45
Butler – Pickel12/200413.04
Boone Street10/20090.97
Feather Bed Mill*12/20051.2
Pendar Road12/19940.56
Pine River10/20109.7
Pojac Point04/202112.8
Potter Road07/19951.31
Route 412/20054.42
Shore Dr05/20090.11
Shore Dr 208/20100.06
Snuff Mill09/20181
Weeden Farm11/202110.4
Wild Goose Point03/20106.5
* Sites Open for public visitation

Conservation Easements

Delvecchio Farm07/200847
Freeborn Farm08/200827
Hazard Farm07/200917
Healey Farm04/201638.6
Morningstar Farm09/200557
Pojac Point (Mellon)12/200910.7
Fletcher Road07/201737.4

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Feather Bed Ln – Annaquatucket Mill

Corner of Annaquatucket Rd and Feather Bed Lane 1.2 acres of floodplain woodland divided by 2 branches of the Annaquatucket River Annaquatucket River used by several species of herring for spawning runs Property donated in December 2005/ January 2006 by Michael Nelson and Barbara Nelson Wright in memory of their father, Martin Nelson, owner and …