About LCNK

Dedicated to Quality of Life in North Kingstown

The Land Conservancy of North Kingstown (LCNK) is a private, non-profit, tax-exempt organization working to protect the wetlands, woodlands, wildlife, trails, and open spaces of North Kingstown. LCNK stands ready to acquire land through

conservation easements, gift, or purchase. Additionally, LCNK accepts tax-deductible gifts of buildable real estate, stocks, and other assets that will be used to fund land protection projects.

Local citizens created the Land Conservancy of North Kingstown in 1988 to respond to the stresses of rapid development on the environment. Between 1993 and 2000, residents have seen an average of 155 new homes built per year, largely on once pristine farmland, woodland, and/or open space. Where and how development takes place significantly affects the quality of life in our town, and the purpose of LCNK is to provide an alternative for landowners pressured by development. With thoughtful consideration and direct action, LCNK is preserving the areas of town that best protect one-of-a-kind landscapes, precious drinking watersheds, working farm lands, and natural habitats.

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